We specialise in disposable hygienic products. Thanks to the low price and the opportunity to design and print an individual graphics will become an original advertising product.

Customers of restaurants, hotels, wedding guests, conference members or passengers of all transport services will appreciate the high quality and the usefulness of our products in a daily life.

Our products are increasingly popular in the catering business.

Apart from a hygiene it is worth paying attention to the marketing opportunities posed by our products. A double-sided colour print in the individual graphic layout may become your business card or advertising medium.

50 % cheaper? It's possible!

Very often our clients share the advertising surface, for example with their business partners, to minimise the cost. In this way the advert, with which we want to reach, has a chance to come in two distribution channels.

Our products are prestige for your business !

Check it! Advertisement and customers comfort thanks to disposable hygienic products.

Elvan Gazi - Sales Director.